Real Writers Don’t Self-Publish

One of the things I love about doing what I do is that I have the ability to connect so closely with you guys and speak on the topics that matter to you. Yesterday, a fellow writer shared an articl…

Source: Real Writers Don’t Self-Publish


2 thoughts on “Real Writers Don’t Self-Publish

  1. Well, I have a friend who published through a small publisher, then was disappointed and self published… I like her work 🙂
    Since, she’s actually created a publishing company. Well… THAT took a lot out of her writing time. The self-publishing? I don’t think it did that much 🙂
    I agree that we shouldn’t consider one as superior to the other. Why can’t things be complimentary in life?
    We’re not all the same, so it’s better to have man options, to fit everyone’s needs!
    *These are just the (tired) thoughts of someone who never published anything else than posts, so I don’t pretend they have much value in this debate 😉 *

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    • I agree with you – this article was a reaction to a rather out-of-date view expressed in the mainstream media. Publishing has moved on. The old barriers have gone (save for some of the snobbery and assumptions around self-publishing). For authors, this means that a whole world of new possibilities have opened up 🙂

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