24 thoughts on “Smile/Stab

    • I think among my followers there are a couple of serial killers who have not yet been caught, and a couple who’d help me hide the bodies should I go down that career path… I’ll let you work out which ones are which!

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  1. Scary image and followers, Al. I’m glad my followers are loving and kind, so far. Ha ha! Of course, one did block me and I haven’t a clue why. Such is virtual life.


    • I’m just joking about the followers (whispering behind hands – well, most of them)… 🙂

      I did have a falling out with one follower about a year ago that was quite upsetting at the time. She’d got the wrong idea about something I’d posted, taking personal offence at something that wasn’t aimed at her. People may like or not like what I write, but I don’t really blog about controversial topics, so it did take me by surprise. As you say, such is virtual life. If I could host a virtual garden party, with plentiful wine, and obviously lots of cake, I’d invite every one of my current followers without hesitation!

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