B is for… Bernard the Bellicose Badger (poem)

Bernard the bellicose badger
Beep-beeped the bell on the bus.
His big bushy beard was running amok
And a budgie was causing a fuss!

Poor budgie got tangled up tight
With no way out or escape.
As he started to chew – he knew what to do!
And a plan began to take shape.

The brave budgie bit his way out
Being as bold as he dared.
But Bernard the bellicose badger
Did not like his chin being aired!

The budgie munched a brackish brunch,
Beak turning blue at the taste.
Bernard went ballistic! The bird went on
Swallowing bristles in haste

Bumptious Bernard billowed and bellowed
He bawled as that budgie took flight.
Now you might think that the budgie did right…
But for Bernard…
Things are more black and white!


(Note about Bernard – he is a gruff Anglo-Saxon character, pronounced Bern-erd, rather than a slightly more cultured American take on the name, ie Bern-ARD 🙂 )

2 thoughts on “B is for… Bernard the Bellicose Badger (poem)

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