Just For Fun… (poem)

This poem was written as a bit of fun, to try and use the prompt words “ubiquitous”, “consternation”, and “jackanape”… These being Annette’s favourite words. It’s a bit clunky, but I think you get the idea! Enjoy 🙂

Ubiquitous Bob
Was quick on the job
But a bit of a snob
Nay, a jumped-up jackanape

To wide consternation
He upset the nation
With this affectation
A hat, and crepulent cape

He sported a monocle
For matters canonical
Waxing all lyrical
About the grain and the grape

He then came a cropper
In drink, fell from chopper –
Was caught by a copper
Before he could make his escape

So, Ubiquitous Bob is humbler now
Counting his days in the slammer
But he’ll soon be back out, and bossing about
Rocking that monocle glamour!

If you have a burning desire to see your favourite words mangled and turned into nonsense verse, let me know in the comments!



8 thoughts on “Just For Fun… (poem)

  1. I’ll bet Annette may have thought she stumped you but you showed us you can tackle any words! Maybe you should write some ditties for David Harrison’s blog. He posts words of the month…and I think Jane Yolen is always good about making up something but he says he doesn’t get as many entries as he used to. It’s entirely for fun, of course, no prizes that I know of. Oh, actually, speaking of prizes, Michelle Barnes’s month challenges almost always come with the prize…this month is a book by Lee Bennett!

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