Limerick – Wedding

I’ve been offline all weekend, attending my youngest brother’s wedding (that’s him and his beautiful wife in the picture below). What a fantastic day! He asked me to do a reading of one of my own poems, written especially for them (NOT the one below, sorry)… luckily, it went down well… Does that count as my first “performance”, to qualify now as a performance poet??

By sheer coincidence, the prompt this week on Rashmi’s limerick challenge was wedding… I wrote this over the weekend, like a true method actor!

Weddings are magical things,
Filled with smiles, and dresses, and rings,
And on this happiest day,
The couple stands there to say
We’ll weather whatever fate brings


The Bride tries desperately to separate the Groom from his friends…

84 thoughts on “Limerick – Wedding

  1. That was so sweet. They’ll need to print it off, frame it and hang it in their new home! What a beautiful gift to share. Straight from the heart and so personal. Performance poet? Absolutely! I tried the poetry readings a couple times and was literally shaking in my boots. I have done a tremendous amount of performing before, but there is something about reading one’s own writings that causes vulnerability to take over. One day, I’ll grow up to be strong, like you! โค

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  2. That wedding picture is priceless!
    You should have performed the poem in the form of an interpretive dance and to the tune of Axel F. But I’d class that as your first performance.

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  3. That is such an amazing picture! Congrats to your brother and on your first performance! ๐Ÿ™‚
    P.s: my WP had been acting funny since last week, I know I left a comment on this earlier but apparently it did not go through! Sorry about that.

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