While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping,
a million hearts’ first beatings…

A million souls depart,
their tales now all told…

A million songbirds sang
in a Mexican choral wave,
spreading wings around the world…

A million lessons learned,
a million fingers burned…

A million hands found the glove that fits their soul…

A million stars twinkled, distant and bright…
A million children curled up, safe in the night…

And one lonely shepherd, shaken to his core,
Knowing he loved you, a little bit more.



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/seniju/13355401113

38 thoughts on “While You Were Sleeping

  1. So there I was reading a sweet little poem when I was utterly blindsided with the last lines.
    Who do you think you are going around spreading romance like that? You are so going to give all these uncouth, unromantic men out here ideas, and then where are we going to be? A lot of romantic gentlemen running wild all over the place.
    *huffs* Well, I’ll not have it, I tell you. 😉

    Beautiful, by the way. Very wonderful. 🙂

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