Seasons of Love – Limerick

It seems a conventional thing
But our courtship began in the spring
With chocolates and posies,
A dozen red roses
And brown paper gifts tied with string

In summer, the temperature rose
Which required the shedding of clothes
And it has to be said,
We spent days in bed…
Funny, the way that love grows.

Fall saw the first cracks appear
She’d cry when my family came near
And my very best friend
Drove her half round the bend
Which led to some fights and some tears

In winter the fights only got worse
And I started to think we were cursed
For all of that love
Just wasn’t enough
When your evenings are sullen and terse

Now, hindsight’s a wonderful thing
And it takes work to make a soul sing
But I’m not ready to quit…
I think she is “it”…
Let’s see what our second year brings



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72 thoughts on “Seasons of Love – Limerick

  1. I loved watching this story unfold Al. Thank you for sharing your gift!
    I haven’t written poetry in ages. I guess I’m just not inspired at the moment…
    One of these days 🙂

    You almost make me want to break that spell 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. All relationships face challenges and have to be worked at. I have never trusted couples who claim they “never fight”. I always think: “what’s wrong with you?” How can you be together and not have disagreements if you TRULY care about each other?
    Why am I rambling on? I don’t know, but you quite clearly made me do it 😛
    I enjoyed this, anyway 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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