Out of Office Autoreply – Haikus (poem)

Feel free to use any of these out of office messages next time you’re away from our desk…

The polite:

Apologies, friend.
I am currently elsewhere.
Reply on return.

Thanks for your message.
I’m out: try my boss instead.
On, the wheel turns.

The honest:
Enjoying rare peace,
Reading on a sunny shore.
Is it important?

Look, I’m finally
Taking a few days respite.
Please recall message

The philosophical:

If an inbox pings
In middle of the forest,
Is it heard… No

Pebble pings surface
Ripples rise, spreading outwards
Then fresh calm returns

The “I’m leaving” comments:
I.T. won’t wipe this
For ages. Useless eejits.
Have left for more cash

Ha! Too late, sucker!
This bird has flown the nest, gone.
Will you be the next?

I’m stabbed in the back.
Steve and Nicky ambushed me.
Don’t believe their lies.

I will be avenged!
Cry havoc at my sacking:
Loose the dogs of war!

Leaving Planet Earth.
Time for a new home. So long.
Thanks for all the fish



12 thoughts on “Out of Office Autoreply – Haikus (poem)

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