Limerick – Summer

The summer has been the usual affair so far – ie lots and lots of rain! It’s Wimbledon fortnight now, so I don’t expect that to change in a hurry 🙂

So here’s a limerick with the key elements of any English summer:

Summer comes but once a year
Bringing a smidge of sun and cheer
Wet barbecues
And tennis queues
Ice creams and cold beer!



A queue of Andy Murrays at Wimbledon

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84 thoughts on “Limerick – Summer

  1. I guess the UK and Belgium are both known for their wishy washy summers with lots of rain and clouds… Sending some sun and warmer weather your way… But, wait, what will you write about then? 🙂

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    • Well, Monday it was dancing, Tuesday was about storytelling, Weds was faith, and love, and today is summer … I don’t like to put all my poetic eggs in one basket! And if I did, there’s always more zombie stuff I could do 🙂

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  2. Beck when I was a college student (you know, recently since I’m so young and all), I arrived in London for my best semester of all in August and it was sunny and hot. I was kind of disappointed it wasn’t raining! It felt like I landed in the wrong place. 🙂 But the rain came soon enough… and I carried an umbrella with me for months… ☔

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  3. I’ll take clouds any day over the cruel blazing sun! We do the same thing over here, with the one poor sap outside cooking. I’m always sure to give a steady supply of drink to make it worthwhile! 😉

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  4. Of course now that I posted it I want to tweak it 😉

    British summer comes but once a year
    Usually on Monday, August the third
    From one thirty
    To two twenty
    Then it’s back to winter wear

    (That first summer lasted way too long 😉 )

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