Haiku Challenge – Water & Bard cntd (poems)

Ronovan’s haiku prompt words this week were “water” and “Bard”. For my second batch of haiku – see also https://altheauthor.wordpress.com/2015/06/01/haiku-challenge-water-bard-poems/ – I have attempted to “improve” Shakespeare by bending that beautiful iambic pentameter into haiku form…

The Tragedies
To be, or not be
That is the only question
To melt my stone-heart

A woman would run
Through fire and water for
Such a kind, sweet heart

Be not afeard,
The isle’s full of noises.
Weep joyful tears.

The Comedies
Will Neptune’s ocean
Wash this blood clean from my hand?
Apparently not

Is this a dagger
Which I see before me now?
Sorry, my mistake

“When shall we three meet?
In thunder, lightning, or rain?”
“How about sunshine?”

Check out the other entries through Ronovan’s site: https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/2015/06/01/ronovanwrites-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-47-water-bard/


26 thoughts on “Haiku Challenge – Water & Bard cntd (poems)

  1. I was actually working at one point of translating Les Mis into Haiku form. But then I got caught up in other things. A very challenging but rewarding effort, also you learn the nuances of the piece. Think about it. 🙂 You might have a book. Not Les Mis, I claim that one. 🙂

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  2. 🙂 Iambic pentameter is challenging to write, but then to Haiku it up…. 🙂

    I’m currently reading a book all written in Iambic pentameter. I really do love Shakespeare. Well done.

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